Horse Butler of Phoenix
Horses need their sheaths cleaned on a regular basis. Each horse and region will vary. Just as each human is individual so are horses. Some horses may need to be cleaned every   2-3 months, while others may need to be cleaned every 6-12 months. You as a loving care-giver will select the correct schedule for your horse. 
What is sheath cleaning?

Sheath cleaning is removing a waxy like substance and dirt build up in and around the penis. Sheath cleaning is a maintenance routine not a medical procedure… unless left undone.
Do you get grossed out cleaning your horse’s sheath? Are you afraid that you will hurt your horse? Are you embarrassed to be seen touching your horse’s private parts? Are you afraid of getting kicked? Are you not sure what you are doing or what you are looking for? Are you not providing sheath maintenance at all… or just plain feeling guilty for not helping your best friend?

Well, you’re smart…. And not alone! 
 Helping Equines
Stay Healthy
Change in your horse’s behavior should alert you!

With horses it is not what they do or don’t do; it is more when they make changes that should alert you.
Here are some possible signs that your horse needs his sheath cleaned:
Dirty genitals
Tail rubbing (could be signs of other ailments)
Lesions / sores
Infection / discharge
General discomfort
Not retracting penis
Uncomfortable urinating
Not urinating straight
Sheath hot to the touch (fevered)
Sensitive to the touch

Pay attention when your horse urinates
Where he urinates, how often he urinates, how he urinates? What is he doing when he urinates?
Does he groan or grunt? Is he comfortable or uncomfortable? Does he hunch up or stretch out (out of the ordinary)? Does you horse hang his penis for long periods of time? Does he lean or squat? OR does none of the above…?

The sheath has a double layer of sliding skin to protect the penis. The sheath contains glands for lubrication.


The smegma is a waxy substance in the sheath and around the penis. Smegma is a combination of gland secretions, dirt, and skin flakes. Smegma can be an unpleasant smell.


A hard bean shaped lump of smegma inside the penis. Beans can be painful to a horse and dangerous. Beans must be removed. Too many small beans or too large a single bean can obstruct or block the flow of urine, causing many health problems.

Deciding not to clean your horse’s sheath?

Not cleaning a sheath can lead to:
Urinary tack infection UTI
Summer sores
Other organ problems
Please work on desensitizing your horse to the touch of the sheath prior to cleaning

To schedule an appointment please call: 

Pricing based on average horse and temperament
$40.00 for one horse
$30.00 for multiple horses

I will need:
Your name
Horse’s name
Phone number
Name of barn
Address of the horse
How many horses will be cleaned?
Please speak loud and clear.